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New Features:

  • New product type Private Placement added.
  • User defined columns and formulas can be added to position reporting page.
  • Adjustable automated price feed which allows user to put in scheduled depreciation/appreciation.


  • Extended fee configuration interface to allow dependant fees and transactions to be automated.
  • Column aggregation for MV/Current Price/ Quantity when grouped by tickers is now available.
  • Stop Loss and Target Price values added to Trade Query page.


  • Trades with a price of 0 will not be loaded in the pricing history page.
  • Decimal places of commissions shown as rounded value can now be configurable.
  • Missing historic FX rates will be shown in the error message box.

For more extensive information about our product capabilities, take a look at our Downloads section, which explains in detail such areas as Trade Query, Position Reporting and Trade Entry.

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