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To re-start the year, we thought we’d begin with our latest updates from our 2017.12 release.
New Features

  • Corporate Action
    • You can now see the ‘Cash Dividend’ amount in the currency of your choosing, as set up in Corporate Action.
  • Reconciliation
    • Position Reconciliation can now not only be managed at a Fund level, but also a ‘Fund Group’ level basis.
  • Product Pricing
    • We have started using ‘Google or Alpha Vantage’ for Price and FX Rate feeds.
  • Scheduled Fees Setup
    • The ‘Pays’ field in Scheduled Fees Setup has been upgraded, allowing you to set up both the appropriate ‘Pay Date’ and ‘Period (Month)’ for the payment of an accrued fee.
  • MIFID II Requirement
    • A new ‘Trade Source’ column has been added to Trade Entry. This automatically updates, keeping you informed on the sources of your trades and helping in compliance with the new MiFID requirements.


  • Reconciliation
    • Historical Recon can now be run at the Account level for Funds with multiple accounts.

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