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Our latest monthly release is ready for you to enjoy – this month featuring new Return on Investment metrics, exporting capabilities and more:
New Features

  • Auto-Update Books and Strategies
    • New Books and Strategies will now be added automatically during Trade Import.
  • Return on Investment (ROI)
    • A new column called ‘ROI’ has been introduced in both our Position Reporting and Tax Lot pages.
  • Revaluation
    • We’ve introduced a Revaluation Start Date in our Revaluate Portfolio tab. This lets you know the date from which you need to Revaluate.
  • MiFID II Requirements
    • A new ‘Trading Capacity’ field has been introduced in our Order Entry and Trade Entry pages, to facilitate compliance with the MiFID II regulations.


  • Export to PDF
    • You can now export data to a PDF format in our Tax Lot, Trade Query and Portfolio Summary pages.
  • Realisation Preference
    • We now provide an option to set Realisation Preferences for trades at the Account level.

To find out about all our updates from 2017, check out our Release Notes section (it goes all the way back to 2014 if you’re really interested).
And if you missed our update on how we’re helping comply with the new MiFID II regulations, head here.

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