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Have a look at the new changes introduced for our Hedge Fund Order Management Software and Portfolio Management Software:


  • Order Management System

    • You can now switch between Order Types (e.g. market order, limit order) after submitting a trade.

  • Reconciliation

    • You can now see funds at a group level in the Reconciliation Tab, as we have introduced a ‘tree structure’ to this tab

    • When you select the ‘Use Current’ box, it will now no longer include the current business day data – it will only provide reconciliation data for any day that is ‘current business day -1’.

  • Trade Query

    • The Trade Query page has been updated, and can now be customised to apply filters for: Fund Name, Custodian, Account Number, Pricing Ccy, Product Type.


  • Product Pricing

    • Prices with invalid date formats will no longer be loaded into the system. Previously, they were selecting the current business date prices by default.

Find more about Order Management Software in the link below:
Arbor Hedge Fund Management Software

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