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Check out our new and latest improvements – specifically designed to help you stay informed on your price sources, current FIX connectivity levels, and more.
New Features

  • Order Entry and Order Reporting
    • Both the Order Entry and Order Reporting pages will now provide the current status of FIX Engine connectivity levels.
  • Trade Entry and Product Master
    • You can now upload reference documents for trades and products in Trade Entry and Product Master respectively.


  • Position Reporting
    • The price source of any product can now be seen under the newly-added column ‘Price Source’.
  • Trade Entry
    • Now you can apply any extended fee for an exchange with the new added field ‘Exchange’ on the Trade Entry page.
  • Reconciliation
    • Dividends settling in the future can be seen under the ‘Pending Cash’ column on the Reconciliation page. You can see the Difference MV (Base) under the same column on this page.
    • You can now add comments for both historical positions and current day open positions, by using the ‘User Comment’ column in Reconciliation.
  • Trade Send
    • ‘Fund Long Name’ and ‘Reporting Fund Name’ columns have now been added in the Trade Send file.
  • Reval
    • We have reduced the times for both Reval Completion and Historical Positions Load.

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