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The DNA of Fund Software

Arbor is a boutique company delivering a suite of flagship fund solutions

Arbor software makes managing investments as easy as possible; delivering sophisticated fund administration, simplifying investment decisions and improving operational processes, for both traditional and digital securities.

Arbor offers flexible set-up and contract terms with cost effective, broad product coverage and services. Our platform allows you to see your portfolio, manage and instruct orders with our real-time dashboard.

Our complete solution helps you to manage your funds with ease as you grow.


Delivering complete software packages to manage your funds globally

Discover our DNA


Arbor software, as globally mobile as you are

Access anywhere in the world.
24/7 from either a PC or Apple workstation.

Our system seamlessly integrates with you

PC or Apple workstations

  • Real-time data
  • Access your platform 24/7
  • Trade in crypto currencies
  • Secure and encrypted data

Our Client Success Stories


We chose Arbor because it is a complete multi-asset portfolio accounting system with reliable support at a great price. We went live with Arbor in December 2011. The process was smoother than expected because of the user friendly interface as well as the live support. We now use the product to track the portfolio, reconcile to our service providers and run historical analysis on our positions. We are pleased with the service and software that Arbor provides.


When we went looking for a Portfolio Management System that could handle the operational requirements of a prime broker, we wanted a partner rather than simply a software system. Arbor can not only provide a system that meets all of the standard requirements at a competitive cost, it can also provide a built-in “consultancy” where the principals have over 25 years experience within the operations of a leading, global prime brokerage. This “consultancy” is what differentiates Arbor from the others and allows us to deliver a customer friendly system to our clients on a cost efficient basis.


We chose Arbor due to its superior functionality (e.g. FX contribution and multi currency portfolios running on the same system), the ability and willingness of the firm to build functionality for us and its very competitive pricing.


Having myself, managed a well known Hedge Fund software company for several years, when considering our current business requirements, Arbor on current market assessment, stood out for us as a highly powerful, flexible yet intuitive system, and has contributed to our comprehensive workflow in a compelling way. With a smooth onboarding, training, impressive live support, integration with service providers and flexibility to meet our specific needs, we have been able to automate many of our processes with ease. The forward thinking, excellent support and innovative approach set Arbor apart in the market, where such attributes are valuable.


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