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To help celebrate the Winter period and the New Year, we’ve got a present for our clients – starting in January, our Mobile Reporting System will be available for all full access users, free of charge!
This is one of our most exciting, user-friendly features – let us take you through it:
Arbor Mobile Reporting
This is our easy-to-use Reporting App. It helps you stay up-to-date on all your positions, wherever you are, with live real-time data on prices and positions.
Whether you’re travelling abroad, around the city or to-and-from work, this is a great user-friendly device to stay on top of the real-time changes to your fund.
You can view an immense amount of data about your Real-Time Portfolio in an easy, digestible format – everything from exposure and prices to NAV and P&L changes.
Mobile Reporting Image
This app is highly flexible and informative. For example, you can manipulate the on-screen data to suit your specific needs at any one time, with:

  • Grouping
  • Filtering
  • Pinning

You can also view a range of information, beyond the expected data, such as:

  • Arithmetic functions (e.g. Sum, Opening Cost, P&L)
  • Performance Attribution (view Daily or MTD performance statistics)

This information will be reported live, including both prices and orders (including those made in our Hedge Fund Order Management System).
Finally, you can even share this information on-the-go with colleagues, as the app allows you to:

  • Export real-time position data as .PDF or .CSV files

Stay updated with your chosen medium, as the app is accessible on phones, tablets and laptops.
Want to learn more?
This was just a brief overview – if you want to get still more familiar with the app before getting started in the New Year, then we’ve got plenty of information for you:

  • A short and informative video on our Mobile Reporting system (to save you from anything strenuous like more reading at this time of year).
  • An extensive web page about the App (for all those still working hard before the holidays).

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