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Institutional Crypto Markets 2023 View

With our unique position in the Hedge Fund industry working with both digital (Crypto) and traditional finance ‘TradFi’ funds, we get to see trends related to purely digital funds as well as hybrid funds. 2022 was certainly a game of two halves for Crypto and for many in the capital markets (but not in digital), they think time is up for the...

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Investment Firm Launches the First ‘Crypto Hedge Fund’ in Spain

Plans to Expand Across Europe, Latin AmericaIn Spain, an investment company has begun to promote what they called the “first crypto hedge fund.” The product has been registered in Malta by Avenue Investment Crypto, headed by a crypto advocate, Martin Huete. Investments Allocated Mainly in Bitcoin and Ethereum According to Infobae, the hedge fund...

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2021.1 (January 2021)

New Features:  Product Pricing: System can pull real-time Bloomberg prices for the underliers of the contracts viz. futures and options. Refinements:  Equalization: Fund’s GAV price and HWM per share are now auto calculated to support equalization. Bugs: Product Type - CDS:  Bug fixes on the functionality of the given product,...

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Our New Updates in 2020.6!!

Here’s our latest Release of 2020.6. We have added a new range of features and refinements in our application to view more clear picture of your portfolio. Here we outline the features, refinement and fixes delivered in recent release cycles. 2020.06 (June 2020) New Features: Crypto Currencies: For pricing (real time), FX rates and funding rates,...

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Our new updates in 2019.9!

Here's our latest Monthly Release. We have added a range of new columns and options throughout our Portfolio Management Software to give you a fuller picture of your portfolio. New Features Trade Query Multiple users can now save predefined query with the same name. Refinements Corporate Action Users can now clone already existing records on...

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Did You Know? | Tax Lot Analysis

Our Tax Lots page in APM is a really useful tool, for examining your fund not just in overall positions, but also the individual lots/positions that make these positions up. This is useful not only for US clients with lot-specific tax burdens, but also for non-US clients who want to examine their fund in more detail. Tax Lots page Our Tax Lots...

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Did You Know? | How to set up Trade Allocation Rules

In APM, you can allocate a trade to more than just 1 fund. This is important, because by allocating 1 order across multiple accounts, you ensure that all accounts are treated fairly and have the same price. This is critical for many managed accounts. It also means you save on paying ticket fees. Once you've created a trade in Fix or OMS, this can...

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Our new updates in 2018.2!

Here's our latest Monthly Release. Big changes have been made to the performance of our Trade Query page, and we've also added a range of new columns and options throughout our Portfolio Management Software to give you a fuller picture of your portfolio. New Features Position Reporting You can now see the 'Daily' and 'Month to Date' P&L Excluding...

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