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Did You Know? | About our online Documentation Portal

Did you know about our Documentation Portal? This is our 'Wiki' (also known as our 'Help Manual') for all things APM-related. It has nearly 100 entries, covering everything from APM's big fundamentals to its small intricacies. Let us show you around. 1. Overviews Our first type of article is the Overview. These tackle all the major components of...

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Did You Know? | How to use our Compliance Rules

In our Portfolio Management System, you're able to incorporate Compliance Rules into your portfolio. These rules show when risk limits, investment rules and regulations have been breached. User definition These rules are user-defined. You can decide which rules to include, and how they are defined. These can be applied at group, individual...

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2018.1 is Out Now!

Our latest monthly release is ready for you to enjoy - this month featuring new Return on Investment metrics, exporting capabilities and more: New Features Auto-Update Books and Strategies New Books and Strategies will now be added automatically during Trade Import. Return on Investment (ROI) A new column called 'ROI' has been introduced in both...

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Did You Know? | How to show off your performance with our Reporting Portal

Do you remember our December end-of year present? Our exciting, newly-free Mobile Reporting Portal - the perfect way to stay on top of your portfolio in real time? Well, today we'd like to introduce you to its flamboyant older brother - the Reporting Portal. What it's all about The Mobile Reporting Portal operates in the style of a portable...

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New Year, New Release

To re-start the year, we thought we'd begin with our latest updates from our 2017.12 release. New Features Corporate Action You can now see the 'Cash Dividend' amount in the currency of your choosing, as set up in Corporate Action. Reconciliation Position Reconciliation can now not only be managed at a Fund level, but also a 'Fund Group' level...

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Arbor's Present for You!

To help celebrate the Winter period and the New Year, we've got a present for our clients - starting in January, our Mobile Reporting System will be available for all full access users, free of charge! This is one of our most exciting, user-friendly features - let us take you through it: Arbor Mobile Reporting This is our easy-to-use Reporting...

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Did You Know? | Setting Up Commission

A variety of Commission Rates can be easily set-up in Arbor Portfolio Manager – from stand Commission Splits. How to set up Commission Rates For normal Commission Rates, as well as Minimum Commissions and Stepped Commissions, you simply have to: Go to Administration Select Broker Setup Fill in the relevant details How these rates are then applied...

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Did You Know? | Stress-Test Value at Risk (VaR)

We've discussed the Value at Risk (VaR) statistics in APM before (link here). These are 1-day or 20-day values, that show how much your fund could lose in these periods, given normal conditions. We also offer Stress-Test VaR statistics. These instead show how much you could lose under extreme conditions. The basics Standard VaR statistics require...

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