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This client marketing page details Clients of Arbor FS seeking investment. Here you can find a wide range of participating clients, all very viable and highly regarded investment opportunities. A contact e-mail or a link to the client’s website is supplied, should you want to inquire but all e-mail addresses are displayed as images to tackle automated spam-bots. Click to expand descriptions.

[wpex White Square Capital ]

White Square is a highly specialized long-only equities fund that was founded by Florian Kronawitter (Ex-Paulson) and Dennis Krings-Ernst (Ex-McKinsey). We can be compared to the long side of an actively trading hedge fund. While most funds will specialize in an industry or a sector, we specialize in a market segment. That segment, we refer to as Highest Quality Equities.

The segment is made up of those companies that, on the one hand, exhibit very low volatility in earnings, as well as trading behaviour (hence, that are very safe), but on the other hand, benefit from a strong top line growth momentum and have proven through the past crises that they will grow revenues through the trough. This combination is very rare and about 4-5% of listed North American and European equities fit our criteria. Those are the ones of Highest Quality that make up our investable universe.

We generate our performance by

  1. benefiting from the compounding nature of the equities in our universe that all grow by 10-15% p.a. (top-line) and
  2. actively trading within this universe.

While we may have a short track record (inception: February 2013), we believe that we are actually the investors with the longest experience in our specific segment. These two factors have contributed equally to our 8 month performance (End September) of 14.9% (net of fees), significantly outperforming our benchmark (MSCI World Ex-Japan, +9.6%).

For more information, please visit our website or contact


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If you’re a client and you aren’t on this list but you would like to be, please use either the General Enquiries form on the contact page or email a member of the Arbor FS team.

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