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Fund Solutions

APM Features

In Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) three types of FX Forward are possible.

Portfolio Analysis

Arbor Position Reporting provides detailed portfolio analysis, where both real time and historic views of multiple portfolios can be controlled by the same interface.

Risk Analysis

Arbor Risk Management System is seamlessly integrated into our PMS. This feature enables you to automate your risk reporting needs, covering substantial areas such as Value at Risk (VaR), risk ratios (Sharpe, Sortino & Treynor Ratio) and statistical fund volatility indicators (skewness, kurtosis, correlation coefficient & information ratio) for multiple asset classes.

Order Management

Order Manager (OM) provides a clear and detailed one-page view of all orders associated with funds that exist within Arbor.

Compliance Reporting

Compliance reporting in Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) can be applied at both the pre and post-trade level. User defined rules are checked against existing positions in Position Reporting and orders/proposed positions in Order Reporting.

Back Office Features

Cash Activity, Trade Query, Tax Lots, Reconciliation, Trade Send, Product Master, Accruals, Prive Feed, Scheduled Fees, Extended Fees, Commission/Tax, Holiday Calender, Entitlements, Trade References and Product Reset

Arbor Connectivity Hub

The connectivity hub in APM is an extensive component that facilitates much of Arbor’s automation and integration feature set.

Fix Processing

FIX processing extends the functionality offered by Arbor to provide the most up to date transaction and position processing capability. This document details how FIX messages are processed in Arbor Portfolio Manager.

Arbor Established Interfaces

Current Interfaces with Arbor.

  • Custodians
  • Administrators
  • Introducing/Mini Primes
  • Execution / Order Mgmt. Systems
  • Market Data Providers
  • FIX
system hosting & BCp

With increased attention from clients and their investors on high availability, cost effective system resilience, business continuity and reduced operational overheads, we have developed a hosting solution specifically to meet these needs.

Confirmation Workflow

In Arbor Portfolio Manager (APM) the confirmation workflow has two options:
• Position Independent Confirmation (P.I.C)
• Position Dependent Confirmation (P.D.C)

Arbor Back Office Features

• Back Office Features

Position Reporting

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Position Reporting

Portfolio / Ledger Summary

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Portfolio/Ledger Summary

order manager (OMs)

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Order Manager System

Alpha Reporting

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Alpha Reporting

Transaction Attribution (ATAS)

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions ATAS

Interactive Portal & Web App

Arbor Mobile Reporting

Arbor Mobile Reporting allows Portfolio Management System users to view their real time positions on their mobile phones, tablets and computers, in a daily or MTD mode. The reporting format can also be configured based on the users preference.

Arbor Reporting Portal

Arbor Reporting Portal allows users to create custom reports, using data sets of the users’ choice, and to distribute this for both internal and external use.

Mobile Reporting (video)

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Mobile Reporting

Reporting Portal (video)

Explainer video of Arbor Fund Solutions Reporting Portal


Can i run my portfolio remotely?

Yes, Arbor allows you to access your platform and to trade globally as you require

Can I get support whenever i need?

We offer global support 24/6 please contact our support desk.

Does your platform support Crypto Currency trading?

Yes, Arbor’s crypto capabilities co-exist within our existing PMS and OMS platform, benefitting from years of extensive institutional grade development. For more information click here.

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