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A variety of Commission Rates can be easily set-up in Arbor Portfolio Manager – from stand Commission Splits.
How to set up Commission Rates
For normal Commission Rates, as well as Minimum Commissions and Stepped Commissions, you simply have to:

  • Go to Administration
  • Select Broker Setup
  • Fill in the relevant details

How these rates are then applied
Commission Rates

  • Once you have set up these rates, APM will automatically calculate the commissions for each trade, based on the Product Type, Currency, Exchange Rates and associated Taxes (e.g. SEC Fees or UK Stamp Duty).

Minimum Commission Rates

  • If you have configured Minimum Commission Rates, then every trade will automatically have a certain minimum level of commission applied.

Stepped Commission Rates

  • These mean that within certain boundaries of Principal, Quantity and/or Price, varying rates of commission will be applied to each trade – so that commission rates aren’t applied linearly to each trade.

Commission Split (CSA)
A Commission Split (or Commission Sharing Agreement, CSA) is a part of the total commission fees that is directly used to pay for research.
How to set up CSA

  • Go to Trade Entry
  • Find the ‘CSA Breakdown’ section of Trade Entry
  • Enter the ‘Rate’ and CSA Commission ‘Type’

This Type can be selected from: BPS of Price, BPS of Principal, Cents per Share, Flat Charge, MKT BPS of Principal, or Per Lot.
You set the rates for both Commission and CSA Breakdown as a proportion of the overall trade, not the CSA figure as a proportion of the Commission.
To find the level of Commission left over after CSA Commission, see the ‘Ex CSA’ section.
You can also set up CSA in the Broker Setup section, as with the various Commission Rates above. You can also include various CSA columns in Trade Query, to reflect these breakdowns.
More information
Check out our User Manual on Commission and CSA.

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