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Did you know about our Documentation Portal? This is our ‘Wiki’ (also known as our ‘Help Manual’) for all things APM-related. It has nearly 100 entries, covering everything from APM’s big fundamentals to its small intricacies.
Let us show you around.

1. Overviews

Our first type of article is the Overview.
These tackle all the major components of our Family Office Portfolio Management System: Trade Entry, Trade Query, Position Reporting etc. These are simple visual explanations to help you get to grips with the basics.
Below is an excerpt from our Position Reporting: Overview article.
Position Reporting: Overview

2. User Manuals

These articles are our most extensive – whereas the Overviews help when you’re just getting started with our Family Office Portfolio Management System, these Manuals are aimed at those who already have a grasp of our system.
They again cover all the main tabs as above, but in much greater detail.
With these pages, we use a variety of screenshots and labels to help take you through each tab step-by-step.

3. Extensions to our Did You Know? emails

You might have noticed that most of our Did You Know? emails end with a link to our Documentation Portal, for further information on that week’s topic.
This is because our ‘Wiki’ also addresses more specific features of our system, going into more depth than the emails on topics such as:

Importantly, these pages aren’t limited to past email topics, but also cover a range of other specific areas – such as our Market Valuation Calculations, or using FX Forwards in APM.

4. Our latest updates

Finally, we also cover the latest updates to our system, but in greater depth than in our monthly Release emails.
For example, from our lateset 2018.1 Release, we have more information about the new ability to Export Data to a PDF format in our Tax Lot, Trade Query and Portfolio Summary pages.
So if you want to learn more about a specific update, check out our ‘Wiki’ to see if more information is available.

How to use the Documentation Portal

Each user has a unique log-in, but this needs activating. If you’ve forgotten yours, or it has not yet been activated, then get in touch or see the email sent to you at go live.
Once you’ve got your details, just dive straight in! You can access it:

  • Under the ‘Help’ section in APM
  • By going to
  • Or by pressing F1 in the APM app – this takes you to the relevant Wiki page for that tab

It’s really easy to use, and if there’s anything missing you can always use our videos and extensive PDFs, or call us any time of day.

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