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To support Arbor’s multi-asset class platform, our connectivity hub provides one platform to connect different brokers and exchanges for fast, secure and automated trading and trade reporting.

Depending on the markets, products and brokers selected the hub can be configured using the different technologies available.  FIX, Crypto Exchange API’s, Websockets and Webservices can all be used. Client access is via the Arbor application or API.

Arbor’s crypto capabilities co-exist within our existing PMS and OMS platform, benefitting from years of extensive institutional grade development, including:


Compliance (Pre and Post Trade)




Performance Contribution




Tax Lots


Fee Management


Transaction Reporting


Reconciliation (Trade and Position)



True Real-time Reporting

Using the hub. Arbor’s Portfolio Manager can report partially filled orders on our Position Reporting page as positions. This can be linked with real-time market prices and will show your portfolio in real-time as the order is in the process of completion.

Digital Securities/Digital Financial assets like Crypto Currencies and many of their complex derivatives are covered in the PMS, specific crypto functions added include:


Intraday Financing, even with multiple periods per day, along with traditional trading days


Perpetual Futures Contracts, with accruals in FIAT and Crypto


Options with underlyers to both Crypto Currencies and Crypto Futures


Staking and saving


Many exchange API connections, more being added continually


Operations 24hrs a day, 7 days a week


VaR included

Connection Types


Typically used for ‘traditional’ securities. FIX connections will route and monitor approved orders to market for execution. Connections for FIX traffic within APM can be made through direct broker connections via traditional leased lines or VPN. For a more scalable alternative, connections to a FIX hub or service bureau are also available.

Crypto Exchanges API/Websockets:

We have many connections to Crypto exchanges for a variety of security types (Spot, Future, Perpetual, Swap etc). More are being added all the time. It is common practice for Crypto Exchanges to have different connections for different security types, all adopting very different standards. We help normalise these differences via the hub.  Websocket and API connections are typically used in this environment. The Crypto PMS can be configured to use exchanges on different schedules.

Some exchanges our Crypto Management System connects to:

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