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Do you remember our December end-of year present? Our exciting, newly-free Mobile Reporting Portal – the perfect way to stay on top of your portfolio in real time?
Well, today we’d like to introduce you to its flamboyant older brother – the Reporting Portal.

What it’s all about

The Mobile Reporting Portal operates in the style of a portable Position Reporting.
By contrast, the Reporting Portal is a dynamic tool. It can be used to visually demonstrate your portfolio’s performance in a range of formats, by creating and demonstrating data sets of your choice.

What you can do

It’s all up to you – just some of the options include:
1. Choose the reports you wish to create

  • Compare your fund’s performance to your uploaded market data
  • Assess your fund’s exposure by sector
  • Measure the relative performances of your top positions

2. Choose the data you want to use

  • Track your data over time against your referenced indexes, e.g. S&P 500
  • Set your performance statistics (Sharpe, Treynor and Sortino ratios) side-by-side
  • Grouped P&L statistics

3. Choose how you display the reuslts

  • Bar Chart
  • Pie Chart
  • Slideshow

Reporting Portal Charts
Spreading the word
With our Reporting Portal, you can distribute your creations both internally and externally. Highlight your performance by sharing your dazzling array of visual aides to clients, marketers and even potential investors.
How to get started
So, if you’re intrigued by our Reporting Portal and the ways it can be used to illustrate your performances to a range of audiences, then get in touch.
More information
To find out more, check out our written documentation on the Portal – either on our website or in a PDF format.
If video is more your style, then head to our YouTube video on the topic (and check out our other uploads while you’re at it).

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