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Here’s our latest Release of 2020.6. We have added a new range of features and refinements in our application to view more clear picture of your portfolio.
Here we outline the features, refinement and fixes delivered in recent release cycles.

2020.06 (June 2020)

New Features:

  • Crypto Currencies:
    1. For pricing (real time), FX rates and funding rates, system can successfully integrate with API(s) of exchanges named Coinbase, Bitmex, Bitfinex and Deribit.
    2. System can aggregate and then process tens of thousands of crypto transactions in one go while keeping the necessary information intact like execution time, direction or book/strategy underlying the trade.
    3. Product Master: Derivative products can be rolled over and setup automatically once the rolling (new) futures/options show-up in trade import. This has been completed for exchanges named Deribit, Bitmex & Okex.
  • Trade Import:
    Users can now import the trade-import file directly from the Trade Query tab.
  • Compliance:

    1. New rule has been added wherein users will receive notifications when negative cash (sum of all negative cash balances in a fund, expressed in base currency) breaches the warning value or the threshold value. (Warning and threshold values will be expressed as a percentage of NAV).
    2. Users can now filter the rules based on Fund, Rule Level, Property Value or Comparison Level etc.
  • Pricing:

    1. System can be configured to allow users to override current day’s real-time internet prices with a static manually entered price.
    2. For product type options (OP), system can be configured to choose – i) BID, ASK or MID for intra-day marks and/or ii) Last Traded Price or Close Price for the closing marks from Bloomberg.
    3. FX rates (Pricing Page) will be populated from the trade entry automatically when a Spot trade is entered.,given that trade date and current business date are same.
  • Trade Entry:
    User-comments/remarks posted in Order Entry will be visible in Trade Entry subsequently.
  • Reporting:
    Search functions based on Product ID or Product Description are now available on various pages under Reporting tab.


  • Position Reporting: For product type CDS, the values in Market Exposure columns can be flipped to opposite direction on users’ request.
  • Maintenance, User Defined Functions (UDF): Users can now configure the decimal places for the user defined columns in Position Reporting and Portfolio Summary.
  • Administration: ‘Select All’ checkbox has been added under ‘Strategies’ page to allocate all the existing sub-strategies (if required) under a given strategy name.
  • Compliance: Order Entry – Users can submit the orders which breach the pre-existing compliance rule(s). Those orders should be approved by authorized users before they go to market.
  • Order Import: System can now look up Product IDs from Product Master and import the orders from the order import file using at least one parameter like Symbol, ISIN, Cusip, RIC, Sedol or Product ID given in the file.
  • Product Master: For product type Warrants, with underlier as a bond, an option of price type as a percentage has been introduced. The strike price as well as spot prices can be expressed as percentage of the notional amount.


  • Batch-jobs: Closeouts for product type Convertible Bond (CB) are functioning properly.
  • Trade Entry and Position Reporting: For product type CDS, Trade Entry and valuations are working properly when CDS Quoted Price is greater than 100 (or the Upfront % is negative).
  • Position Reporting: For product type Feeder Forward (FFWD), the realization is handled properly, and the P&L figures are appropriate.
  • Trade Entry: For product type Feeder Forward (FFWD) and Forward (FWD)
    1. When the base currency of a fund is a part of the trade, a warning message will pop-up when users input a trade using base currency of fund as the primary Product ID. Base currency of fund should always be used as the secondary currency (or settle currency) of the trade. The intent is to reflect correct P&L and valuations.
    2. It is now mandatory to add the Fixing Rate when a Fixing Date is set in the trade.

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