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Broker Dealer Software (ATAS)

Broker Dealer Software

Arbor Transaction Attribution System (ATAS)


Broker Dealer SoftwareArbor Transaction Attribution System (ATAS) is a broker dealer software, which provides real time and historic P&L reporting. This tool can plug into a broker dealer’s existing order and execution feed, hence automating front and mid to back office solutions workflow.

By using our rule technology, ATAS users can set up precise and flexible trade rules, ensuring accurate P&L attribution at all broker, client and trader levels. These rules can also permit complex P&L splits to be shared between both the house and multiple traders.

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Simplifying Your P&L Reporting Process:

Arbor Transaction Attribution System is fully automated, saving you time on P&L analysis and administration. Furthermore, our user-friendly web interface allows any corrective or additional changes to be made manually.

Front Office Solution:

  • Real time and historical P&L reporting across different regions
  • Detailed transaction attribution (client and market trades, brokerage and commissions)
  • Trader’s individual commission report available for each specific trader
  • Low touch and interactive web reporting
  • Custom reports and P&L statements (daily, weekly, monthly)
  • Dynamic rule technology in client and trader level
  • CRM integration available for global managers

Mid/Back Office Solution:

  • Automated regulatory & clearer reporting
  • Aggregation logic to reduce fee
  • Daily analysis of partial fills
  • Entitlements defined at user/trader level
  • Defined order type (allocation, give-ups, book-outs, blocks)
  • Full audit trail/history control
  • CSA/SEC Fee invoices

Brokerage Reporting & Analysis

P&L Analysis:

Broker Dealer Back Office Software
Our system enables you to view your historical and real time P&L in broker, client and individual trader level. Please visit our P&L Analysis page to learn more about features such as:

  • P&L General Overview
  • Historical P&L and Commission
  • Aggregation & Grouping
  • Reporting FX Rate
  • Customized Layouts
  • Admin Trader View
  • Individual Trader Login

Profit Allocation Rules:

Broker Dealer Solution
Our broker dealer software also possesses a modern rule technology, which enables you to create flexible broker dealer commission splits/allocations – allowing you to see who is exactly making the money, and how much, from each trade. Please visit our P&L allocation rules page to learn features such as:

  • P&L Allocation Overview
  • Broker Commission Allocation Options
  • Client Rules
  • Filter Function

Arbor Reporting Portal Integration

Broker Dealer System

Fully integrated with Arbor Reporting Portal, ATAS users can create interactive reports which can be filtered by their preferred metrics, such as Client Name, Product ID, Order ID and others.

Multiple reports can be pooled together to form dashboards and slideshows, which looks great on management level reporting and investment pitch-decks. For further information on this feature, please click here.

For more information, please view the product sheets below:

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