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Broker Level P&L View

The P&L View in ATAS automatically brings data from your existing trade flow, enabling you to see your historic and current P&L. This contains information on Trade P&L, based on CSA, commission and brokerage analysis.

Essential features, such as Trade Date, Product ID and each trader split, are all available to the user. P&L data can be viewed across different regions on all broker, client and trader levels.

Broker P&L SoftwareHistorical P&L

In ATAS, you can load both real-time and historical P&L data, by simply selecting the ‘Load Data’ button and the range of P&L data that you wish to load. You can check the applied changes in the statement next to the Load Data button.

Broker P&L Reporting SoftwareAggregation & Grouping

Our Aggregation feature allows you to total all columns with numerical values, based on a combination of four or fewer properties. For example, if you aggregate by Client, you can see the total Quantity, P&L and Commission of each individual client.

P&L Split Group By

Similarly, our Group By feature ensures that finding specific information is efficient, by allowing you to organize the information by any property that you select. Users can also group by more than 1 property. In the screenshot below, we will group by ‘Trade Date’ and ‘Client’. Therefore, the user will be able to see a client’s P&L on each trade date.

Trader P&L AnalysisReporting FX Rates

You can also adjust the FX Rates of your trades: firstly, select ‘Config’, then enter the necessary information, and then select ‘ FX ReCal’. Once this button has been pressed, FX Rate between two selected dates will be recalculated. To cancel this adjustment, select ‘Reset’. Since trades come from multiple regions, we support two common currencies: GBP and USD.

P&L Reporting Software FX RateCustomized Layouts

Finally, our P&L analysis software also allows you to choose your preferred format for the P&L Report: either a Period- or Region-based report. For analysis purposes, you can also export this page to excel, by selecting the ‘Export’ button in the top left corner.

Broker P&L TechnologyTrader’s View

The Trader’s View allows users to see the trades that each trader is involved with, including trader-level Commissions, Splits and P&Ls. Note that the user can also use the Group By and Aggregate feature, just as in the P&L View.

P&L Analysis TradersEquity Trader View

Administrators and managers will be able to view all P&L information, and traders will be provided with a trader’s login, so they can see all the trades that they are associated with. For example, we can see below the trades associated with Cleo Hook, the P&L of her trades and also the commission she made for each trade.

Broker Equity Trader P&LPlease view our short video on P&L analysis here.

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